Prep School Day in the Life


A pupil in the lower prep

I come to school in my car. When I get to school I like to build stuff. My snake, Hissy, is waiting for me in my classroom so I like to have a little cuddle with him.

I like to go to a birthday assembly, because I like to sing happy birthday to people. When it’s your birthday, you get to wear a birthday cake hat and blow out a candle that smells like cupcakes – it smells yummy!

At school I love having a choice and getting to play with all of the toys. My favourite toys are the construction kits, I like to build bugs and castles. At school I have learnt how to read and how to do sums – I know that double 11 is 22!

With my friends, I like playing dragons and stuck in the mud outside, I can run really fast.

At lunch time I eat my food, I can cut it up on my own. My favourite day is Friday because we have ketchup!

After school I go to late stay, except for Thursdays. I love late stay because I get to stay at school longer!

When I get home I play with my toys and have my dinner. I am always tired when it is time for bed.

A pupil in the Upper Prep

Monday and Tuesdays I go to breakfast club. I always have two Weetabix to start the busy day.

Lessons start at 9.15am after we have had an assembly and time with our form teacher. On Thursday we have achievement assembly or House assembly. In achievement assembly, it’s great to hear what everyone has been up to. I love it if I get a commendation. It makes me feel very proud of myself. If it is a House assembly I go to the Upper Prep Hall. I am really proud to be in Yelland.

We have Maths lessons each day. I like Maths as we learn about lots of different things. I like working out different problems, especially involving money.

I also really love Art lessons as I enjoy being creative and using my imagination. The art room is a great space to work.On a Wednesday and Friday we have Games lessons, these are my favourite lessons. I really enjoy playing sport. My favourite sports are netball and hockey – I also play these sports outside of school.

On Fridays we have Activities where you can choose what activity you do. There’s always lots of choice. These can be things like gardening, skiing, craft, a range of sports or computer-based activities. This term I picked football. It has been so much fun and we also played against other schools.