Co-Curricular Programme

Senior School

At Ipswich School we believe in educating the whole child.

An excellent academic education is something we expect to deliver for our pupils, but we believe that they also all deserve a broad and enriching co-curricular provision.  Consequently, our co-curricular programme allows each pupil to reach their full potential no matter where their passions lie. 

Learning and developing outside the curriculum provides a foundation which can enhance a students’ enthusiasm and achievement through hands-on experience. 

Whether they come to life on the stage, on the sports field, in the concert hall or in one of our many clubs or activities, we encourage the development of valuable skills which will be transferable beyond their time at school; they will learn how to communicate effectively, how to interact as part of a team and acquire organisational skills.

Outside of school time, the co-curricular programme we feel offers our pupils a wide variety of school trips, both day and residential throughout the academic year. 

The programmes, activities, and trips allow students the opportunity to develop their self-confidence, decision-making and problem-solving skills educating the whole child.