Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award has been designed to enable a young person to develop in mind, body and soul, in a non-competitive environment.  Its ability to elevate their self-confidence, skills and aspirations is something the school very much values.  Ipswich School has been appointed as an Independent Operating Authority where pupils are encouraged to take up the award. The Award helps promote the school core values.

There are three Awards – Bronze, Silver, and Gold – and at Ipswich School we offer training for all three. It is entirely voluntary and is pursued in pupils’ free time and not as an alternative to community service, CCF and our other Thursday activities. 

Pupils join the Award at the Bronze level after Easter in Year 9, undertaking their expedition in September of Year 10. The practice expedition takes place locally and the qualifying expedition shortly afterwards, along the Suffolk coast.

For those who complete Bronze, they are able to enrol onto the Silver award in Year 11, they complete their expedition in the Wye Valley at the end of June in Year 11.

Year 12 and 13 pupils are able to participate in the Gold Award whilst in the Sixth form. Their two expeditions will take place in Southern Snowdonia and are normally held at Easter.

Each level is broken down into sections, four at Bronze and Silver and five at Gold.  The sections are: 

• Volunteering 
• Physical
• Skill
• Expedition
• Residential (Gold only)

More details on the award can be found on the Duke of Edinburgh website, www.DofE.org


There has been huge growth in the programme due to the excellent provision by staff. Currently just under 400 pupils in the school are enrolled on various levels of the award. 

In 2018/19 pupils at the school achieved the following awards:

Bronze – 51
Silver – 27
Gold – 11 – Our record for one year

‘18/19 New entrants: 21 Gold, 39 Silver and 82 Bronze