Senior School Day in the Life

Senior School

A year 7 pupil

9:05am: After registration at 8.40am, I head to drama where we are working on slapstick. We act out funny scenes and have a lot of fun.

9:50am: Next it’s French where we are writing character children’s books using all the vocabulary we have learnt this year.

10:30am: Breaktime – where hanging out with friends in the common room with a giant cookie from the tuck shop is just great.

10:50am: I love English, which is next. I am currently writing a mini saga about the end of the world. I am free to be creative and write about things that interest me.

11:35am: It’s maths where we are looking at algebra and formulas. It’s hard, but I have a good teacher and it’s starting to make more sense to me.

12:15pm: Lunchtime and I have a packed lunch. There’s always someone to sit with and chat to.

12:40pm: Next I have science and my favourite science of all – chemistry. The best part about our science lessons is the practicals. Last week we experimented with gases and watched the gas changing colour as we added different acids and alkalis.

2:05pm: After a break I have science again, this time biology where we are currently studying habitats

3.40pm: Our final lesson for the day is history. I love the start of these lessons where we consider a question given to us by our teacher about the time period we are currently studying.

4.15pm: I grab my violin from my locker and head for orchestra practice. Later at home I usually have one or two pieces of PSC to work on after school and relax before bed.

A year 10 pupil

9.05am: After registration at 8.40am I have History. This year we have started our GCSE syllabus and today we are looking at Civil Rights in post war America.

9.50am: My next lesson is English. This lesson usually involves reading, discussing and annotating our books with notes.

10.30am: It is now time for break and time to go to the tuck shop, play some football or just talk to my friends.

10.50am: Now I have Life Skills. This year we have covered a range of interesting topics including sleep, health and charitable work. I have especially enjoyed the lessons where we have learnt to make shortbread and fix a bike tyre puncture.

11.35am: and it’s double chemistry where we’re learning about how acids and bases react with different substances. These lessons usually involve a practical where we might look at the properties or behaviour of acids.

1.00pm: It is now lunch time and one of today’s menu choices is beef and bacon meatloaf, one of my favourites!

2.05pm: After afternoon registration it’s time for Activities. I do the CCF. It usually involves learning how to safely handle a rifle, command tasks or some theory (for example, patrols or section attacks). If we’re lucky, we shoot a rifle on the school range.

4.15pm: It’s time for me to walk back home, do my PSC and get ready for tomorrow.