Head of Department: Mr Richard Parkin

Exam Board: Edexcel

Through expressive and theoretical studies, A Level Art and Design leads to a fuller understanding of the visual arts. Emphasis is put on the importance of recording the creative process. This is done through samples and keeping a work journal which tracks the collecting of ideas.

The course encourages experimentation in Year 12 and is full of practical workshops. This enables students to demonstrate an understanding of past and contemporary art and design practice. Year 13 builds on these skills as students specialise and focus on a personal theme. They have the opportunity to attend life classes after school – a valuable and memorable experience.

We improve students’ drawing skills through imaginative tasks and stimulating workshops, that will spark a passion for drawing. At the very start of each year all students are involved in a still-life project based on installations created by art staff during the summer holiday. This enables the students to create different outcomes based on direct observation. Students also experience art first-hand by visiting galleries and working with our artist-in-residence.

The art course consists of two units: coursework, which carries 60% of the final mark, and an exam paper worth the remaining 40%. Each unit is assessed using four assessment objectives which evaluate the quality of research into other artists, material experimentation, recording (written, drawn and photographed) and a final outcome.

Depending on timetables and availability, students may be able to specialise in Textiles or Photography.

Exam Results

The average of the A Level results in Art over the most recent three year period is:

A* – 38 %, A*-A – 63%, A*-B – 100%, A*-C – 100%

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