About Ipswich School

Don’t take our word for it, here are some of the views of current members of staff – both teaching and support staff, from the Prep and the Senior School – about what it is like working at Ipswich School

“There’s so much to get involved with – trips to CERN or India, skiing in the Alps or canyoning in Wales, Pantomimes, talent shows, House dinners or just sharing your experiences with like-minded colleagues.” Head of Department in the Senior School

“The Prep team is so supportive. There are a wide range of personalities and skills among my colleagues. People tend to stay here and once you start working here you really can’t imagine working anywhere else.” Prep School teacher

“Working at Ipswich School has enabled me to grow and develop both personally and professionally. I’ve been able to learn new skills, gain new qualifications and reach my full potential within my role.”
A Manager in the Catering team

“I can honestly say that I feel lucky to work at Ipswich School. The staff make a brilliant team, there are social events and training opportunities, even amazing school dinners! This makes it a special place to work” A member of the Admin Team

“There is a smile, a joke, a pat on the back, a friendly ear and plenty of laughter in every corridor and around every corner. I can quite honestly say that this is the friendliest place I have ever worked.” School teacher

“Simple things like provision of fruit at break and personal development opportunities in learning a new skill or expanding your mind through the summer reading scheme shows a desire to invest in people.”
A member of the Development Team

“I have felt, on many occasions that the pastoral care the school delivers to the pupils is mirrored in the care for their staff. There is a culture of care and concern for the wellbeing of the overall team.”
Senior School teacher

“I’m passionate about working at Ipswich School because they are passionate about me. “
A member of the Catering Team

“To me Ipswich School is a place of opportunity. So, you want to teach pupils who spontaneously thank you for teaching them, even about the electrolysis of brine? They, above all else, are what make this school special.”
Head of Department, Senior School

“You really get to teach here. Everything here enables me to focus on my teaching and my pupils’ learning: the children are vibrant and happy, parents are supportive and engaged, the rooms are all geared up for my lessons.”
Prep School teacher