OI Club London Dinner

The Lansdowne Club | 27th April 2017

On Thursday 27th April, we assembled at the Lansdowne Club in Mayfair for the London Dinner.  As always with the London Dinner, we were treated extremely well.  Dinner was delicious, with roast duck for the main course followed by a marvellous crème brulee. The venue was bright and welcoming, the only change one would have made would have been to have more space for more Old Ipswichians!

Your President, Mr John Graham, hosted an enthusiastic group of 50 OIs.  His guest speaker Tim Kiddell, the Prime Minister’s Speech writer, highlighted some key moments from his life in politics as well as reminiscencing about his time at Ipswich School.  He was pleased to toast the health of the OI Club.

The Headmaster, Nick Weaver, responded and gave a report on events at the school.  For many OIs, the evening continued after the formal event, with friendships enhanced or developed.

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