Academic Excellence Programme

Senior School

Senior Curriculum - Academic Excellence Programme

We are keen to support students who want to push the boundaries of their academic knowledge.  Sometimes these may be students heading for A* grades across their GCSEs, or A* grades at A Level. Equally, they could be students who think differently, who have a different perspective to their studies or who bring a real passion to their work inside or outside the classroom. We encourage teachers to stretch students considered academically excellent.

In September 2016, we are launching a lunchtime discussion group for our Sixth Formers called ‘The Athenaeum’ that we hope will broaden their perspectives and encourage them to think and articulate their ideas. In December, there will be a ‘Beyond the Curriculum’ conference for students in years 10 and 11 led by Peter Vardy and his team. Many other clubs, competitions and events will be organised departmentally for different year groups so do look out for these on the Ipswich School portal.

Additionally, to encourage and enthuse all students we put on a series of lectures throughout the year to which all are welcome.