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Frantic Assembly drama workshop

Last Friday, drama students from Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 had a drama workshop with Marc Pouani from the Frantic Assembly Theatre company.

He demonstrated theatre through the use of spacial awareness and reliance on your classmates. He showed us lots of different skills that were used in the play Metamorphosis and we discovered that they are easier than they look. We got into pairs and used physical touch in order to create a sequence of movements. All the routines were very impressive, individual and different to each other so we could see the wide range of movements which could be used. We also learnt that points of eye contact in a performance can really affect the meaning behind the movements.

The workshop helped everyone realise how important collaboration is within drama and how small details can make a big difference. It allowed us to appreciate the precision and effort required for performances such as Metamorphosis and the skills the actors demonstrated. It also allowed us to understand the emotion from Metamorphosis that we didn’t realise before.

Holly M and Phaidra T, Year 10

Ipswich School General
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Mathematicians battle it out

On two successive Wednesdays earlier in the term, we had the widely anticipated and hotly contested Senior and Junior Maths Ganzoni competitions. With a great

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National Fives win for U13 pair

Year 8 pupils Harry and Kishen pulled off a fantastic win in the U13 Boys National Fives Championship at Harrow on 5 February. They outdid

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Musicians reach national semi-finals

Last Friday, four chamber music groups, namely our Senior Woodwind Trio, our Middle School Piano Quintet, our Under 14 String Quartet and our Senior String

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