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Year 7 pupils pick their favourite science book

The Librarians invited all Year 7 pupils to read and review some excellent new science books as part of a judging panel representing Ipswich School for the Royal Society Young People’s Science Book Prize 2022. With lots of initial interest, the Ipswich School Review Panel participants who contributed to the project were: Carys B, Dominic B, Emma C, Charlie C, Martha C, Penny D, Izzy G, Catherine H, Amelia H, Alexander I, Catherine K, Jessica M, James P, Hari S and Isabella S.

Mrs Kafala from the Library Team said: “A massive thank you to our keen book reviewers for their commitment to reading and their insightful reviews and contributions which have been collated and sent off to the Royal Society. Their winner was Fantastically Great Women Scientists and Their Stories by Kate Pankhurst, followed very closely by Microbe Wars and Beetles for Breakfast. In fact the pupils rated all the books very highly, and they are now all available to borrow from the Junior Library.”

Penny D from Year 7 who was co-chair of the panel said: “The Royal Society Judging Panel was a very good experience for me. As a natural lover of science books, I was excited at the chance to read some new ones and discuss them with others. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience and we read some great

The panel’s comments on their favourite book included Catherine H saying: “An amazing and intriguing book that really draws you in to find out more about their stories; detailed and interesting facts about these great women scientists.” and Amelia H saying: “I loved the way the information was formatted with good diagrams and cartoons. I would recommend it to a lot of people.”

The overall winning book will be announced by the Royal Society at an award ceremony on Tuesday 7 March 2023.

Ipswich School Library Team

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