Old Ipswichians

The OI Club is for those who have left the school. The Club has an active rolling programme of events. This website informs OIs about future and past sporting and social events and re-unions.  It has news and publications, and provides details about membership, who to contact and much more.

A thriving club

“The OI Club is certainly as good as any such organisation I have come across in my career and long may it prosper.”

These are the words of Headmaster, Nicholas Weaver. And he is of course right.

The OI Club has as it members the former pupils and staff of Ipswich School – over 4,000 of them. The Club was 125 years old in 2014 and shows every sign of lasting at least as long again. It is active and thriving, with a busy programme of social, sports and arts events, re-unions for specific groups of former pupils, and more besides. Through its members, the Club assists fellow OIs and those still at school with career information and inspiration. OI Club communications and publications come regularly and in many forms.

In addition, the Club promotes links with the school, which the school warmly reciprocates, and through the career scheme and in other ways there are opportunities for OIs to contribute to the success of the Club and the school.

In this section of the website you will find information on many aspects of the Club, including future OI events. The OI website is constantly being updated and developed, so do check back regularly.