Reception Pupil

A Day in the Life of a Reception Pupil

7.00 am – Mummy brings my baby sister downstairs each morning and we all have breakfast together. My Daddy likes toast, but Mummy and I like Shreddies with bananas on top!

8.00 am – Mummy takes me to School. Sometimes she drives the car and sometimes we walk. I like listening to music in the car.

8.30 am – When we get to School, we can go straight into our classroom. My teacher always says hello to me. I empty my bag and put my snack box away in my tray, hang up my coat and put my book bag in the box. I find my place at my table and see what activities there are for me to do while everybody else arrives.

8.40 am – I was the ‘Golden Star’ today. This is really special as it means that I wear a star medal around my neck all day. My teacher asked me to take the register and to give out the biscuits and milk at snack time. As I was the ‘Golden Star’ I had to line up first for assembly. Yesterday it was ‘Birthday Assembly’. This is my favourite assembly because I got a badge to show that it is my birthday this week!

9.00 am – After assembly, we went back to our classroom and started with Maths. I like Maths. This week we are learning to add-up and takeaway using pretend Smarties. Our teacher shows us what to do on the interactive whiteboard while we sit on the carpet and then we sit at our tables. We do this for our reading and writing sessions too, there are always lots of fun things to do. When I finish doing my number exercises, I work on my page for our class non-fiction book about the rainforest. Tomorrow we are going to Westwood, our School’s own wood, to explore and play rainforest games. I will wear my rainforest headband which is covered in flowers and leaves. Did you know that a rainforest has a canopy, an emergent layer and a forest floor?

10.30 am – Morning break time – Mummy gave me some breadsticks and fruit today and I always drink a big cup of water. When we finish our snack, we play in the Nursery and Reception playground which is right outside our classroom. We have a long time outside and even if it is raining we go out with our hoods up. My favourite game is playing hula hoop with my friends. The circus came to School last week, so we pretend that we are circus performers.

11.00 am – After break we have Music with our Music teacher. Sometimes we have our Music lessons in the Hall, but today’s lesson is in the Upper Prep building. We walk across to our lesson and have to climb lots of stairs to get to the Music room. I like playing the big drums.

12.00 pm – Lunchtime. We have our lunch in the Lower Prep Hall and I sit with some of my friends. My favourite lunch is spaghetti and meatballs. I also love chocolate cake and chocolate custard which we sometimes have. When we have finished, we go out and play in our own playground. I like playing with the big puzzle shapes. Today I made a pattern with the big sparkly triangles.

1.15 pm – Today, after playtime we go swimming. We walk across to the Senior School to use the big pool and the crossing patrol sees us safely across the road. Our swimming teacher gets into the pool with us and I can swim across the whole pool when I use my armbands. When we get back from swimming, we play inside. I like playing with the dolls and dressing up. I also like using the making table to make things to take home.

3.30 pm – When it’s time to go home Mummy comes to the classroom door to pick me up. Sometimes I go to Late stay if Mummy has to work. Last week in Late Stay we heard a story about the Gingerbread Man and we iced some gingerbread biscuits. When I get home, I play with my toys, read my story book with Mummy and watch TV. I sometimes have some letter work to do too.

7.00 pm – Bedtime – I have had lots of fun today and I can’t wait until tomorrow