School Routine in the Senior School

Senior School

Senior School Life - School Routine

Morning school starts at 8.40am with a short registration with form tutors.  After registration there is either an assembly – House, whole school or Lower/Middle School/Sixth Form – or a short service in the school’s chapel.  At least once a week this time is devoted to tutor group activities where tutors have a chance to speak individually with tutees. The tutor’s role is vitally important and a key element of the pastoral care we provide.

At 9:00 there is a bell, signalling the time to go to the first lesson. After two lessons break time starts, at 10:30am, and after fifteen minutes pupils move on to period three. Typically there are three periods between morning break and lunchtime at 1.00pm.

Afternoon registration is at 2.00pm. This is when the pupils return to their form rooms to register with their tutors.

Period six starts at 2:10pm, followed by periods 7 and 8. School ends at 4:15pm and school buses leave shortly after this.

We operate a two week timetable. This started a couple of years ago and has proved very successful.

The Library remains open for private study until 5.30 pm and there is a supervised after school Study Club which stays open until 6.00pm. There is no need to book pupils into the Study Club, light refreshments are provided and everyone is welcome to attend. Usually Sixth Formers also attend to help younger pupils with their work and to provide wider mentoring support.

During the week, pupils in Years 7 and 8 have two games afternoons. Pupils in Year 9 and above have a games afternoon and an activities afternoon, when Combined Cadet Force, Community Service, Conservation, the International Leadership Programme, a range of interest-based activities and a variety of sports are offered.

There is a busy programme of sports fixtures against other schools on Saturdays, but no Saturday lessons.