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Eco Team spread environmental message

Ipswich School’s Eco Team visited the Prep School over the last two weeks to give a very inspiring speech to pupils, spreading information about saving the environment.

Recycling pens is part of the Eco Team’s main initiative at the moment, with the Prep School children being challenged to recycle as many pens as they can this term. The Eco Team provided special baskets for the Prep to use, like the ones in classrooms in the Senior School.

Prep pupils also shared a letter from one of the Suffolk MPs who had responded to the pupils’ letter of concern regarding the environment. Afterwards we asked the Prep Eco-Warriors some questions about their work. They said that they thought that the issues that the Eco Team were discussing were very important, and they were very excited about the brief but interesting letter from Therese Coffey MP. We also asked about the idea of the baskets, and they said: “I am excited to recycle with the new baskets because we have lots of pens running out.”

We asked the children to give us tips on how to protect the environment. Their top three tips

  • Do some litter picking
  • Use electric cars
  • Reduce pollution

Article written by Luke McG, Souparno L and Jack D, Year 10

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