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Impact Report is released

The school’s Development Office have released their fourth Impact Report which details the generous donations made to support bursaries and other Ipswich School funds, and features stories of those pupils, past and present, who have benefitted from an Ipswich School education through these donations.

We received a total of 134 donations over the last year, which we are very grateful for as these helped to raise £380,337. The Bursary Fund is one fund supported by this money, which enabled us to help 21 students on 100% bursaries, and allows a wider range of students to access Ipswich School. The Phoenix Fund is designed to support families of students here who experience a drastic change in their school years, to allow a stability of life. Lastly, the Capital Fund helps to maintain buildings and school facilities. Some projects from this over time included the Music School, sports cameras and new lighting in the school chapel.

The Impact Report also launched the date of the second Giving Day in 2024, which will be on 26 and 27 June. We hope that this Giving Day will be even more successful than the last which raised £109,000 for the bursary and hardship funds.

You can read the Impact Report here.

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