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Make your remote lessons work

Mr Faiers, Head of Study Skills, has been sharing study skills advice with pupils over the last few weeks, to help make sure people have effective online lessons.

From organising your google applications, to making sure you have a tidy area to work in, his tops tips should be valuable to us all.

Mr Faiers has also recorded a short video highlighting some of these key points, and this video is now available to watch here:

Six Top Tips

  1. Pack your bag. Use the extra time in the morning to get your materials ready for the lessons ahead, just like you would if you were packing your bag to go to school.
  2. File your work after each lesson. Set up folders for each subject on your Google drive and move documents into these folders.
  3. Ask questions and ask for help. Your teachers and form tutors are here to help you, and don’t forget you can also drop into sessions with Rev and Matron.
  4. Limit your overall screen time. Don’t jump from a classroom screen to a mobile screen.
  5. Keep your work environment tidy, and don’t be distracted by your phone. Put it face down away from you, or even in another room.
  6. Seize the day. Organise your day to get as much daylight as possible. And remember to take active breaks from your work.

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