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Mathematicians battle it out

On two successive Wednesdays earlier in the term, we had the widely anticipated and hotly contested Senior and Junior Maths Ganzoni competitions. With a great turnout, fuelled with cookies and juice courtesy of the Catering Department, the teams went through some mind boggling questions involving primes, palindromes and polygons.

The Junior competition saw Holden run out as champions, whilst there was a three-way-tie in the Senior competition. This was ultimately decided through bonus points being awarded for speed and accuracy, placing School in first place.

Well done to all the competitors!

Dr Sterno, Maths Teacher

Ipswich School General
Aaliyah Grant

Library’s Escape Room

On Friday 8 March, there was an Alice in Wonderland themed Escape Room held in the Library, to celebrate World Book Day. Multiple teams of

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Ipswich School Creative Arts
Aaliyah Grant

Printmaking Exhibition

We interviewed Rev Crompton-Battersby about the recent printmaking exhibition, which many pupils and parents went to see on Thursday 7 March. Rev said ‘We wanted

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