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MYP Charles in House of Commons debate

In March 2022, I was elected as a Member of the Youth Parliament (MYP). Since then I have been involved in local and now more recently, national decisions surrounding the wellbeing of young people across the UK.

In a world that needs to represent freedom and democracy, it is vital to allow young people to speak for themselves, rather than being spoken for. Last week, I had the utmost privilege of representing Suffolk in the UK Youth Parliament (UKYP) annual debate in the House of Commons chamber.

The event was chaired by the Speaker of the House of Commons, Rt Hon Lindsey Hoyle MP with Ministers and Shadow Ministers also providing statements during the event, including a letter from the PM Rishi Sunak. MYPs debated five motions chosen by a ballot of young people across the UK, before voting on which issues should become the primary focus of the UKYP for the year ahead. The following topics were debated:
• Impact of discrimination on health
• Environment and health
• Education and health
• Cost of living and health
• Mental health services

Cost of living and health received the largest number of votes by a long way, with education and health receiving the second largest number of votes. I look forward to continuing to represent the views and concerns of young people over the next year and I hope to encourage Ipswich school to become more involved in the UK Youth Parliament.

Charles S, Year 13

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