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Saying farewell to Year 13

On Friday 22 May, we said farewell to the Year 13 leavers. Whilst they may have had their last physical day in school back in March, when these photos were taken, the Year 13s have been busy with remote lessons since then.

Head of Sixth Form Mr Cliff had this to say: “As previously Head of Lower School, it has been a unique privilege to have been able to start and end the Ipswich School journey for many in this wonderful year group.  And simply brilliant to get to know, and work with, those who have joined to make this group of people the special Ipswichians that they are.”

He added: “They all have bright and exciting futures ahead of them, and we all look forward to following their progress.  I can only admire and commend their strength and patience during this time, which is not how any Sixth Form student would choose to end their school career.  You are all amazing!”

In his virtual Headmaster’s Assembly which ended the day, Mr Weaver said: “Some of you have been here since Nursery, others for just one or two years. I hope you all feel loved in equal measure by Ipswich School. As we start to think about your metamorphosis, in the chrysalis of lockdown, from Ipswichians to Old Ipswichians, you will go with our very best wishes to change the world.”

The assembly concluded with a video of some of the Year 13 students’ ‘best moments’, which had been put together by Mr Calver and Mr Buckley.

The video is now on Ipswich School’s You Tube channel: WATCH HERE

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