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Summer Reading Challenge

Over the summer holidays, the Library sent out a Summer Reading Challenge for the incoming Year 7s to complete. Eight challenges were set, which included creating a Bookface and a Get Caught Reading challenge.

The Bookface was where you had to hold a book in the correct position so that it looked like you were the person on the front cover. I did Tracy Beaker, wearing a red jumper like the one she is wearing on the front cover of The Story Of Tracey Beaker.

The Get Caught Reading challenge was where someone took a picture of you reading without you knowing! I was in front of Tower Bridge in London. These are just two of the challenges I did over the summer, all to do with reading. I had lots of fun doing them. At the start of this term, I handed in my booklet with all of my pictures in. A few weeks later, in our Year 7 assembly, I found out I had won the reading challenge for the best entry!

I had an amazing prize of a £10 book voucher, which I hope to spend on some good books in the half term holiday. Mrs Steward, the School Librarian, said: “As always the standard was very high and it was very difficult to pick a winner.” Well done to everyone who took part, and thank you to the Library team for organising this amazing challenge.

Sophie L, Junior Journalist, Year 7

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