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University recruitment advisers visit Sixth Formers

Last Thursday, a recruitment officer from Newcastle University visited the school to run a drop-in session for anyone interested in studying at Newcastle, and gave a talk to international students about applying to UK universities.

The overseas students were provided with additional information to help us progress to higher education smoothly, maximising our chances of getting into our desired universities, as well as giving professional advice on students’ personal statements. The majority of the talk was focused on the process and important considerations for students who don’t currently hold a UK passport, and the importance of choosing the most favourable and suitable courses for ourselves.

Henry L and Evan T, Year 12

Ipswich Prep School
Aaliyah Grant

Prep Art Exhibition wows

The creative energy of our students shone brightly throughout the year, culminating in the spectacular Celebration Day Art Exhibition. We were delighted to welcome parents

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