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Year 9s collect their House t-shirts

The Year 9s have just received their new house t-shirts, which have very kindly been paid by the Friends of Ipswich School.

House T-shirts are significant as they unite the houses together on Sports Day. They also give the participants courage as they know that they are a part of a community.

There are a variety of Inter-House competitions, ranging from art to debating, which allow different pupils with different interests to take part and add house points, in the hope of winning the Ganzoni Cup, which all the houses compete for every year.

Mr Cook, Head of Sherrington House explained: “A pupil’s House t-shirt is incredibly special. It is a source of pride for all pupils throughout their time at Ipswich School, as well as a valuable lifelong memory upon their graduation. The unique colours of each t-shirt when brought together generates a buzz and exciting atmosphere at every Ganzoni event, making it all the more unique. As a Head of House, I look forward to handing out these t-shirts every year. Knowing that they have a busy life ahead of them being worn by all of the pupils in Sherrington House, and all the successes and enjoyment that comes with it.”

The Friends of Ipswich School (FOIS) are able to supply these t-shirts to all Year 9s and Prep pupils thanks to the funds that are raised by them throughout the year. This includes commission as well as sales of donated stock at the secondhand uniform sales which are organised by the FOIS.

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