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CCF Field Day: Army Section report

Our CCF cadets enjoyed a Field Day on 14 March. Finley B from Year 10 reports here on the Army section activities.

Our CCF Field Day included laser tag, patrols and reaction drills according to enemy ambush and fire, all in preparation for the June Field Day, developing our skills to meet the future requirements for the activities to come.

Firstly, my section had the task of a laser tag team match. We each consecutively wore a cap with two laser sensors on it, which were used as targets for the others to aim at. The rounds lasted for 10 minutes and we played two of them, both just as fun as the other (of course my team won both). Once the rounds were finished, we all had a five minute break and debrief, and then headed into an exciting “Hunger Games” style mode. We all gathered into groups of three and were given the objective to survive. However, as the Hunger Games rules go, there can only be one man standing so you had to turn your own team to win.

Our last task was a drill reacting to enemy ambush. My section were given formations to assemble, one being a Herringbone-staggered formation. We were told to patrol on paths around woodland areas, keeping an eye out for potential enemies. Once we had come in contact with a potential threat, the person in charge of the section had to shout “contact with enemy”. Everyone then had to take cover and prepare to take them down.

Overall, Field Day was a fantastic way to build stronger bonds with peers and also a great way to have a fun time!

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