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Celebrating Black History Month

October is an extremely important month on the calendar – why you may ask? It is Black History Month!

We spoke to Miss Woodmansey, Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion to find out some more about Black History Month, and what is happening at Ipswich School. When asked: “Do you think Black History Month is a good way to acknowledge black heritage”, Miss Woodmansey answered: “Yes, absolutely. I think it’s really important that we raise awareness of Black History, especially with a focus on our Suffolk roots, but we should also continue educating our young people throughout the year, rather than just for one month. #morethanamonth”.

She also explained that we would be celebrating a number of different cultures over the year: “It’s important that we celebrate all cultures across the world, so that everybody feels they are welcome, appreciated and
respected.” Miss Woodmansey added: “I believe that all young people should be taught to respect and care for others, no matter where they come from, what they look like or believe in. This educational journey should start at a young
age but also continue into adulthood and beyond. It’s always important to reflect on how you can unintentionally make others feel.”

When asked if she thinks that schools acknowledge equality enough, Miss Woodmansey said: “I think that our school is creating an environment where everybody feels equal and that they can be their true selves at school because it is a safe, diverse and supportive environment”.

The Occasional is very grateful to Miss Woodmansey for her time and fantastic answers to our questions.

Flo W and Poppy S, Year 10

Black History Month 2022

We kicked off Black History Month with a talk about ‘Fashioning Blackness: Fashion, Style and the Diaspora’ from Amy Orchard-King, a parent and an Associate Lecturer across the University of the Arts London campuses.

Following this, we had the London Community Gospel Choir lead a day of workshops, and perform at a sold out evening of our Festival of Music.

One of our sixth form students worked alongside staff to hold a cinema evening showing BlacKkKlansman, which raised money for a local charity supporting black and ethnic minority young women and children.

Alongside these events, we have promoted local events across the month, completed activities in lessons across the school celebrating Black History, promoted books in our library with a focus on black history & black authors, as well as displaying a local photographic exhibition that creatively explores the concept of home for a diversity of people from the African-Caribbean community who have made Suffolk their home, or who were born here.

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