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Truth and Beauty – the loveliest of Quarks

It was an enjoyable evening out for our Physics department as they made the journey to Cambridge for another fascinating lecture.

This time it was delivered by Dr Harry Cliff of the High Energy Physics Group who spends a lot of his time working on the data generated by the LHCb detectors at CERN. He took us on a fast-paced journey from JJ Thompson’s discovery of the electron to the standard model of particle physics. We paused briefly along the way to hear about particles, anti-matter and the trouble with gravity.

He barely took a breath and held everyone’s interest for a solid 45 minutes, before opening up the floor to questions.

Mr Arthur, Head of Physics

Ipswich Prep School
Aaliyah Grant

Prep Art Exhibition wows

The creative energy of our students shone brightly throughout the year, culminating in the spectacular Celebration Day Art Exhibition. We were delighted to welcome parents

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