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Musicians reach national semi-finals

Last Friday, four chamber music groups, namely our Senior Woodwind Trio, our Middle School Piano Quintet, our Under 14 String Quartet and our Senior String Trio, got the exciting opportunity to take part in the Pro Corda chamber music competition at The Perse School in Cambridge.

The day started bright and early at 8.30 in the morning before a relatively traffic-free journey to Cambridge. All groups were given a brief run through Musicians reach national semi-finals
before a masterclass with Pavlos Carvalho, who is one of the cello tutors on the Pro Corda
courses. He gave us lots of useful constructive feedback on our pieces and how best to
interpret and improve them. We are looking forward to putting this into practice in the next round at the start of March, when all four groups are returning to The Perse, having been successful in reaching the semi-finals of this national competition.

Many thanks to our amazing teachers for their tireless and dedicated work, choosing the repertoire and guiding through all our rehearsals. Much appreciated!

Elsie C and Harriet B, Year 10

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Aaliyah Grant

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