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What makes good leadership?

Following our appointment as the school’s student leadership team for this academic year, the senior prefects and Head Boy and Head Girl had the opportunity to meet Sir Nick Young, former Chief Executive of Macmillan Cancer Relief, and the British Red Cross, just before the end of last term.

Our insightful meeting took the form of a spirited discussion of the qualities and attributes needed for good leadership, drawing on Sir Nick’s experience and knowledge, as well as Sir Nick sharing more general advice on following your interests and the rewarding nature of philanthropic work. Sir Nick was particularly passionate about the need to find purpose in your work, and do something you find truly rewarding, sharing his stories of many years at the helm of some of Britian’s biggest charities, highlighting the knowledge and appreciations he had gleaned from several particularly impactful charity
cases from his career.

We are very grateful to Sir Nick for his time, and enthusiasm for leading such an engaging and inspiring meeting. He also kindly donated several of his signed books to our school library for future reference. We would also like to thank Mr Cliff for arranging this fantastic opportunity.

Sam P, Head Boy, Year 13

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