Students taking the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) choose a question in any subject area, research that topic and finally write a 5,000 word essay to answer their original question. You will also be expected to present your findings at an EPQ event, talking to teachers, parents and students about your topic, your research, and what you discovered.

Is the EPQ right for me?

YES if:

  • Your GCSE grades are good (predominantly A*/A grades)
  • Your other commitments outside of school (including paid work) are manageable and you are well-organised
  • You work well independently and are motivated to stretch yourself academically
  • You want to develop the skills needed to be a successful university student.

NO if:

  • Your GCSE grades were below those of which you/your teachers feel you were capable
  • Your commitments outside of school (including paid work) are significant
  • Doing the EPQ will negatively affect your A Level performance overall (advice on this will be available from the Head of Sixth Form and/or your tutor)
  • You rely on a teacher-led approach to study.