Maths and Further Maths

Head of Department: Matthew Core

Exam board: OCR

This is a linear A-level course, where students study
pure mathematics, statistics and mechanics.
Assessment is by exam only (three papers) and
there is no coursework requirement. The most
able mathematicians may wish to take ‘double maths’ – these students will complete A-level mathematics in Year 12, followed by A-level further mathematics in Year 13.

For A-level mathematics there are three 2 hour exams in pure maths, pure and mechanics and pure and statistics. For further mathematics there are four one and a half hour exams – two in pure maths, one in statistics and one in mechanics.

Exam Results

Average of the A Level results in Maths achieved by Ipswich School students over the most recent three year period (2017, 2018 and 2019) A* 17%, A*-A 48%, A*-B 73%, A*-C 88% and for Further maths over the same period the average A Level results are A*48%, A*-A 74%, A*-B 95%, A*-C 95%