Head of A Level Politics: Mr Steve Blunden

Have you ever wanted to run the country? What do you think of today’s politicians and how they are managing our affairs?

Do you know how the political system works? Do you want to know more about the ‘isms’?

How does the American system or the world of global politics compare with ours?

What do you do in Politics?

An established and highly regarded subject, Politics is being offered as a new A Level at Ipswich School, starting in 2019. A Level Politics promises to raise your interest and expand your knowledge of current affairs. The course will complement a range of other subjects, perhaps most notably History and Economics.

This fully examined course, from the Edexcel exam board, consists of three units of study, each with a two hour exam. Unit 1 involves scrutiny of political parties, electoral systems, voting behaviour and democracy itself. Liberalism, Conservatism and Socialism will also be investigated.

In Unit 2, Parliament, the constitution and the role of the Prime Minister and Cabinet are addressed, along with a further ‘ism’. Unit 3 encourages us to look further afield, to either the USA or towards the world of global politics.

Being interested in current affairs is a must if you wish to join us. This means wanting to read about the world of politics in newspapers, books and on websites. In terms of the ‘isms’ you will need to be able to think in an abstract way. You will also need to be prepared to write essays of course.

As well as broadening your academic profile, the reward could be the opportunity to undertake a Politics degree or other Arts degree. Studying PPE and even becoming Prime Minister are not ruled out!

Exam Results

Politics is a new A Level for 2019 entry, and so there are no past exam results.