Key Information

Adult leaning over child asking if they are ok

Children learn best when they are in a supportive and nurturing environment. When they feel safe and cared for they can push their boundaries, explore in confidence and feel brave.

A caring, nurturing environment is something we believe makes Ipswich School special and that is why we put this value first. From this everything else flows.

Our pastoral system is the basis of our caring approach. Pupils from the Prep right up to the Sixth Form have a teacher whose job is to look after their welfare. Your child will have frequent daily contact with this teacher, who will work closely with others including the school matron, chaplain and – if needed – the school counsellor to ensure that they are cared for.

We also hold regular meetings involving all those who look after the emotional and physical well-being of pupils making sure our pastoral work is co-ordinated and shaped to meet every child’s needs and situation.

But care is so much more than just our pastoral system. We try to make sure it is present in all we do. In the Prep School this might be helping each child to get to their individual music lesson on time or finding an outfit for a pupil who has forgotten theirs for a trip. In the Senior School it could be the additional work that teachers put in to ensure each pupil gets the best possible help in the classroom.

Going further, we try to foster a spirit of care among pupils. So, for example, Sixth Formers act as mentors for pupils in the Prep and Lower and Middle School.

And care extends beyond the school to the wider community.

Our pupils – from the Prep upwards – raise thousands of pounds for charity each year. Senior School pupils help out at local special and primary schools every week. Our musicians play weekly to audiences in old people’s homes.

We provide free access to some of our facilities for local primary schools and run free sport and music workshops for local children.

We take time to care about your child.