Key Information


A combination of passion and care we believe are the fundamental ways of unlocking potential in children.

So often it is an inspirational teacher who can encourage a pupil to believe in themselves and go beyond what they thought was possible. With the right teaching, pupils who might have believed it an impossibility can learn to draw, act, play a musical instrument, solve a complex equation, flick a hockey ball into the top corner of the goal and even speak in Russian.

Small class sizes and passionate, high quality teachers with excellent communication skills are the keys to developing pupils.

In the Prep School we challenge every single child. Some have an individual challenge plan designed to stretch the very able or individual support plan designed to support those who need it.

We develop thinking skills in all by devoting curriculum time to this very important area and we run clubs and activities in many academic subjects.

In the Senior School we stretch the interested and able with lectures, given by outside experts, members of staff with a particular expertise and also Sixth Formers keen to put forward some of their own ideas and share their own research work.

We also run clinics in subjects providing additional one-to-one guidance every week and run a special programme for the academically gifted.

We are not simply interested in the able; we are very alert to the specific needs some of our pupils have and our Learning Support team is on hand to provide specialist support. We are just as aware of the candidate who secures a hard-won B grade as we are of the individual who picks up a string of A* grades. Both are equally important to us.

Helping pupils discover and fulfil their potential is our primary aim.